some thor and loki bunnysuit ideas i drew last year.

it’s really weird drawing in pencil after doing only digital for so long

cyberpunk portrait commission for my friend gentilegentry. now you have to style your hair like this forever, adi.

awa commission for amelia. she was so sweet! ❤

slice of demon life, finally colored to sell at awa yess

i hope you all tune in for it (◡‿◡✿)

Hello! I'm planning on being Breakfast Princess for Halloween, and I came upon your humanized art of her while looking up ways to make the costume. Your outfit design for her is perfect, and so cute! I was wondering if it would be okay for me to base my costume off of your design? I would absolutely give you credit, and link back to your art piece wherever I happen to post the finished outcome. :)

Hi!! YES please do it, that would be so rad. I’d love to see it, so please send me a link when you finish it!



Tess thought this looked like @brttnymchlle and @shikinouta and me so now we are an anime

HEY GUYS sorry i’m bad at responding to messages, here is a buttload of answers for you

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